Mn-Fr: 9am - 7pm, St-Sn: 11am - 15pm

We provide a bag, a phone with the DJI GO 4 app, SD card (16,32 or 64 Gb), some spare blade, regular charger and the drone with one battery and RC.

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You can pay by credit card or cash (we accept all major currency) on the spot or you can pay by PayPal (10% discount).

No, we don’t have any insurance for crashing the drone.

Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) is available optionally per rental.  If purchased, the EPP shall cover damage to blades, battery, Wi-Fi extender, landing gear, remote, or battery charger. For the Phantom 4s and Mavics, only one battery per drone rental is covered.  Any additional batteries rented above these numbers are not covered under the EPP.  Damaged Equipment (including rotor blades) must be returned.  Lost or missing equipment is NOT covered under the EPP.  Damage due to water, sand, or other contaminants, or negligence is NOT covered.  Before the equipment is carried back, Lessee shall notify Lessor of any damage incurred and provide photo evidence if possible.  Otherwise any damage noted upon return of the equipment will be assumed to be the liability of Lessee.

You have to book it 2 days before pickup.

We don’t have any office where you can pick it up, we deliver the drone the location what you choose.

Our 3rd party insurance is cover the damage what you may cause to
the others. Example: if you crash the drone to someone’s car, the
insurance cover the damage on the car, but not on the drone.